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Cerber Motorsport w obliczu sesyjnego wyzwania!

Cerber Motorsport in the face of exams session challenges!

        How to reconcile studying for exams with a team work? How to take care of our partners when deadlines for projects are long gone? How to manage trips to fairs at the end of the country and still pass all exams? Do we already think about CMS-04? […]

Cerber dla Wydziału!

Cerber for the Faculty!

With many partnerships come many duties. The biggest one is our Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and that is the relationship we have to take care of every day! What therefore do we do on that matter?

Even in the period of intensive work on CMS-03, when parts for bolid become arriving and exams session is getting closer, we show up at every event organized by our University or Faculty. Last week we took part in celebration of the XIII Podlasie Festival of Science and Art.

On Sunday (May 24th) we have been presenting our two cars on Rynek Kościuszki. We were kindly surprised with the interest that our projects caused among residents of Bialystok. We provided entertainment for every age group – children would sit ‘behind the wheel’, took pictures in our vehicles; older would talk with the designers and also learn more about competitions and the specifications of CMS-01 and CMS-02. […]

Jarosław Kazberuk ambasadorem Cerber Motorsport!

Jarosław Kazberuk – Ambassador of Cerber Motorsport!

Every student should have his master and today one of our champions officially became our Ambassador! It’s amazing that such a famous person related to motorsport identifies with the idea of our project.

Everything has started with the meeting in student club Gwint (25.02.2015) – this was the first time we had an occasion to talk with Jaroslaw Kazberuk. It’s hard to say whether it was more of our cars and the idea of our project which appealed to Jaroslaw or it was him who impressed our team as an open and cool man with positive attitude and priceless automotive experience baggage. […]

Forum Pracodawców–młody inżynier przyszłością Podlasia

Employers Forum – young engineer the future of Podlasie

How should you study to meet employers’ expectations? How to find yourself on the labor market? What should characterize a young engineer? – this are the questions which employers and students have tried to approach on the Employers Forum at Bialystok University of Technology, which was dedicated to young engineers, who are the future of Podlasie.

“Because of the fact that we, as students who, during realization of our project, cooperate with lots of companies from our region, we knew that the reality and expectations of graduates and employers often do not meet” said Adam Zalewski about the cause of organizing the Employers Forum. Adam is coordinator of Cerber Motorsport and one of the organizers of this event. […]

Cerber na Juwenaliach!

Cerber on Juwenalia/Days of Student Culture

We hope that every student is going to Juwenalia. Now we encourage you even more! Thanks to the Turbo Krymar company, which funded prices, and the organizers of Days of Student Culture in Bialystok, we want to invite you to the competition. You can win Lenovo 2 10” Tablet, Kindle e-book reader and wireless microspeakers Creative Woof 2. […]

Z dziennika mechanika - Cerber Motorsport

From mechanic’s diary :)

The beginning of spring favors Cerberu Motorsport mechanics and everything is going according to the plan. We are at the stage of completion of the design phase. Weeks of design, analysis and optimization produced the desired effect.

“Last weekend we launched the engine that is the heart of our car” says Adam Zalewski, project coordinator. “After a long wait and uncertainty finally we heard its beat. […]

Akademickie Tragi Praktyk i Staży

Academic Practices and Internships Trades

Bialystok Technical University’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering on 24th of March is going to held academic Practises and Internships Trades organized by Career Office of Bialystok Technical University. Then come the young and ambitious. Time to show your hidden talents and take over the labor market.

Recommended by Cerber Motorsport.

Spotkanie z Jarosławem Kazberukiem - Cerber Motorsport

Meeting with Jarosław Kazberuk

On Wednesday evening January 25th our team invited Jarosław Kazberuk – well known driver, pilot, judo coach (4 dan), multiple participant in Dakar Rally. Jaroslaw answered probing questions of Matthew and Simon from our team. Unusually, we stepped out from the role of race cars creators and we didn’t race on Formula Student tracks. We did conducted interview with the master of steering. What does he do when he reaches the finish line? What role does money play in sports? What were the scenes of the success of Poles: Rafał Sonik and Krzysztof Hołowczyc in Dakar Rally raid this year? […]

TOP AUTO Arefiew - Nowy partner Cerber Motorsport

TOP AUTO Arefiew – Our new partner

TOP AUTO Arefiew company is a member of the largest automotive group in Podlasie. Thanks to our partnership, we hope that our work on the newest bolid will run faster, more efficiently and profesionally.

The company has acquired valid certificates, such as “Reliable Company” and “Trustworthy Company”, which demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Code of Conduct on integrity, […]

ADAMPOL SA. - Kolejny partner Cerber Motorsport

New partner – Company ADAMPOL SA.

Adampol SA is a company which operates in the field of international and domestic transport of passanger cars and vans. Company deals with a range of activities and services related to the distribution chain. Adampol develops dynamically and proves services of the highest standard while benefiting from the latest and greatest technology.