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Z dziennika mechanika - Cerber Motorsport

From mechanic’s diary :)

The beginning of spring favors Cerberu Motorsport mechanics and everything is going according to the plan. We are at the stage of completion of the design phase. Weeks of design, analysis and optimization produced the desired effect.

“Last weekend we launched the engine that is the heart of our car” says Adam Zalewski, project coordinator. “After a long wait and uncertainty finally we heard its beat. […]

Stanowisko do ergonomii - Cerber Motorsport

Seating for ergonomic tests

In recent weeks we have worked on seating for ergonomic tests, which will help us to determine the optimum driver’s position in our bolide. Building this seating were an opportunity for our new members to demonstrate in practice what they can do. With the help of more experienced colleagues they have done a great job. […]